Hi there! I’m Marc Ordinas i Llopis, marc o i l. I work as a computer programmer. This is my programming blog, as opposed to my personal one. In this page you’ll find some information about me.


Circle on the ZX spectrum
Output of one of my first programs.

I started programming on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum I got for my 7th birthday, and I haven’t stopped since. There was something so incredible about writing a few lines of (at the time) indecipherable text and seeing a blue circle appear on my parent’s TV set… At that moment, I knew what I wanted to do: Make circles of different colors appear on the screen. But it would have to wait, as my siblings wanted to watch cartoons.

Screenshot of Pro Rally 2001
Screenshot of Pro Rally 2001

As time passed, I kept on programming, and even managed to get paid for it. Before the turn of the century, I moved to Barcelona to work at a new studio Ubisoft had opened nearby. There I developed a 3D engine for the racing game Pro Rally 2001, and I’m pretty proud of the results. It could switch resolutions, quality levels and even between OpenGL and Glide rendering on the fly, something that had huge technical difficulties for little practical rewards.

After finishing at Ubisoft, I had my very own dot-com start-up, which went burst around the time they all did. I kept on programming: An NFS server, a blogging platform, a gameplay system for another video game… I even worked as a system administrator for while.

N900's app launcher
The app launcher for the N900’s hildon desktop

In the summer of 2007 I finished the restoration of my grandparents’ old house (curiously named Ca n’Aranya, the house of the spider) in Portocolom, the harbor of my home town of Felanitx. From there I work as a consultant on free and open source projects, like the Nokia N900‘s desktop, various WebKit ports and OpenGL benchmarks.

Moving on from graphics, I worked on the Wikimedia Foundation‘s Parsoid project, a Node.js server which translates bidirectionally between the old MediaWiki text mark-up and a new HTML-based one. As the backend for Wikipedia’s new Visual Editor, it’s used by milions of users every day.

If you want to take a look at my professional CV, it’s here on Stack Overflow.


Besides programming, I’ve always been very involved in civil society action, specially in defense of the Catalan culture. I started out in the youth NGO Joves de Mallorca per la Llengua, where I participated in the organization of large scale demonstrations and events, and later was part of the board of Obra Cultural Balear, the largest cultural organization in Mallorca. In my home town I was the first coordinator for a local grass-roots political party, Bloc per Felanitx, and also represented it on the town council.

I also enjoy reading, mostly essays, on topics ranging from philosophy to politics. When I read a novel, it’s usually Sci-Fi. Lately I’ve been trying to learn photography, you can see some of my pictures in my Google+ page.