3D WebKit: Code for the airplane OSG demo

A while ago I published a video showing WebKit rendering as an OpenSceneGraph texture. I’m now publishing the source code in case someone wants to take a look at it: osgGTK and osgWebKit demo.

There are two examples in the code. The first one shows how to implement a GTK+ viewer for OpenSceneGraph using the C++ version of GtkGLExt. The second builds on this to show a modified osgterrain demo with a WebKit-rendered page instead of the terrain texture. To compile this code you’ll need to patch WebKit to support off-screen cairo rendering, you can get the patch at the OpendedHand bugzilla.

As most of the demo code I’ve been publishing lately, it’s more of a proof-of-concept than working code, so handle with care.

2 responses on “3D WebKit: Code for the airplane OSG demo

  1. proppy

    Thanks a lot for sharing,

    May I ask on which revision of webkit svn does your patched patch apply ?

    Thanks in advance.

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