My first WebKit patch landed and I was on vacation!

After doing those 3D demos, I was tasked with porting Rodney Dawes’ work on NPAPI plugins for WebKit/Gtk to QtWebKit. It wasn’t that easy as many plugins assume they’re being loaded by Mozilla, and some depend on Gtk or XPCOM being present. But after a few weeks of work and a lot of help, I finally got Flash working on both ports:

NPAPI plugins on both demo brosers.

The plugin work landed on r32766, while I was on vacation and away from the keyboard, so I just found out this morning reading Marco Barisione’s blog. So a lot of thanks to everyone who helped getting this working: My coworkers at Collabora, Alp Toker and Simon Haussman who reviewed the patch, Rodney Dawes who did the original code and everyone on bug #14750 for a lot of comments, help and support.

There’s still a lot of work to be done, though: Support for windowless plugins, Xt plugins on the Qt port, plugins that ask questions before having created a view like Acrobat Reader… But I think that now that we have the basic support in trunk, other projects will be able to test their NPAPI plugins on WebKit and catch those Mozilla-dependencies bugs.

6 responses on “My first WebKit patch landed and I was on vacation!

  1. Roman

    Great work! I’ve just tested in the Mac 4.5 11/16 snapshot, and it looks like Flash works damn well. However, other plugins like QuickTime seem to cause crashes, while they work fine in Safari.

    Any ideas why? I’d be glad to help with the implementation to get NPAPI plugin support stable.

    Also, does the code support the npruntime extensions?

  2. marcoil

    Thanks, Roman. The work I did was for QtWebKit and WebKit/Gtk on Linux platforms.

    NPAPI Plugins on Mac work a little different, and I think (but I’m not sure) Safari plugins use a completely different API.

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