Testing Flash Player 10 beta on WebKit

Adobe just released a beta of Flash Player 10. I’ve tested it with both Gtk and Qt ports of latest WebKit, r33487, compiled in release mode on Ubuntu 7.10 x86. On both versions, Flash 10 crashes when closing a window with SWF content or navigating away from it.

I hope Adobe developers will repeat these tests, as they’ll have a lot more info than I do 🙂

2 responses on “Testing Flash Player 10 beta on WebKit

  1. Jim

    Your comment on the Penguin SWF blog was rather unconstructive. Maybe we should start filing bug reports on your software by leaving critical comments on your blog?

    Please, be more kind and less critical of people who are just doing their job.

  2. marcoil

    Jim, I’m sorry if the tone of my comment there wasn’t correct, I really wanted to point out that something was gained switching to XEmbed and that it was the right call.
    I did not have any intention of filing a bug report. The WebKit project maintains https://bugs.webkit.org/ and of course it is the correct place to file bug reports on it.

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