The newest version of Indesxifrable, code name “Ningú no ho entén”, available now!

Dear people making announcements, specially on planets:

Please provide a small description of what the project does or at least a link to the main page. “Text Editor” is easy to understand, but many project names are not. What does PiTiVi do, and why is the Simple Timeline gone? What’s a gbrainy and why is it included in a CD? We really want to know!

Thanks and have a good day 🙂

4 responses on “The newest version of Indesxifrable, code name “Ningú no ho entén”, available now!

  1. dalonso

    Dear marcoil, on offense, I’m not at all linked to the Pitivi project but it has appeared enough times in Planet Gnome as to know what it does and what it is for.

    I would undertant your rant if it was about a product versioned 0.0.1 and without further explanations. But Pitivi is 0.0.11, more or less on every iteration it has been annouced in Planet Gnome and they indeed put their site in the entry. Apart that Planet Gnome is an aggregator, so entries should be understood with regards of other entries in the own blog, not of the aggregator.

  2. marcoil

    @dalonso No offense taken, of course. And believe me, I do know what PiTiVi does.

    But I think it’s important to keep in mind that, fortunately, each day new people become interested and join the Gnome project, and every step we take to make that easier is good.

    Also, providing an explanation makes the project a lot more discoverable thanks to search engines.

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