bookmarks for October 29th, 2008 through November 10th, 2008

  • Seed – GNOME Live! – “Seed is a library and interpreter, dynamically bridging (through GObjectIntrospection) the WebKit JavaScriptCore engine, with the GObject type system. In a more concrete sense, Seed enables you to immediately write applications around a significant portion of the GNOME platform, and easily embed JavaScript as a scripting-language in your GObject library.”
  • Room 101: Dynamic IDEs for Dynamic Languages! – “In an IDE written in a dynamic language (such as Smalltalk or Self or Lisp), the IDE code itself can be modified on the fly. This is a double edged sword?”
  • Casual Connect: Sony On Developing for an Open PS2 Platform – ‘The most important information Bain had for his audience was news that, in Europe, the PlayStation 2 “is effectively an open platform,” adding, “You no longer have to submit a game for content approval.”‘ This could be an industry-transforming move.

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