Standard XMP data from Corel AfterShot Pro

TL;DR: is a Python script to extract standard XMP data from Corel AfterShot Pro XMP files.

For a few years now I’ve used Corel AfterShot Pro for RAW processing and image management. It’s simple to use, powerful enough for me, has a great image cataloging system and it runs natively on Linux. But support for it has been lagging recently: No updates, no new cameras support, not much public communication from the development team…

Lately I’ve been looking into alternatives, specially open source ones like darktable. But my problem is that I have done a lot of tagging and cataloging, and all that would be lost if I just switched over. AFP does have a function to save a standard XMP file, but that has to be manually triggered for each photo and, even worse, it saves it with a filename that darktable doesn’t recognize, to say nothing of the mess of keeping two XMP files for each image.

So I’ve developed a Python script that can extract standard XMP data from the AFP XMP file and either embed it into the file or put it in a new file. You can get it at, here’s the usage help:

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