bookmarks for October 31st, 2007 through November 2nd, 2007

  • Ikarus Scheme – “Ikarus is a free optimizing incremental native-code compiler for R6RS Scheme.” The first one, I think.
  • ProtocolDesign – Secure-p2p – The people at The Pirate Bay are developing a new protocol to substitute BitTorrent, due to the propietary extensions added to it
  • OnlineDesktop – GNOME Live! – The goal of the GNOME Online Desktop is to adapt the desktop to become the perfect window for online applications like GMail, Photobucket, Facebook, EBay, Wikipedia, and countless others that user and developer momentum is shifting towards.
  • I’m not young enough to know everything – “I’ve known about Bayesian classification for years. And I’ve always thought of it as a specialized tool. It’s incredibly disruptive to think of it as an every-day tool, as a general-purpose tool, as something that can replace the if statement.”
  • Coding Horror: Embracing Languages Inside Languages – A nice argument in favor of DSL.