bookmarks for December 24th, 2007

  • Overcoming Bias: Welcome to Overcoming Bias! – “We blog life through the lens of the cognitive sciences: Cognitive psychology, evolutionary psychology, microeconomics, applied statistics, social psychology, probability and decision theory, even a bit of Artificial Intelligence now and then.”
  • Overcoming Bias: Procrastination – Advice for overcoming procrastination. If only it weren’t so tired to follow it!
  • Abstract Heresies: In the Kingdom of Nouns – “It is an open secret in the Kingom of Nouns that the King himself has a half-wit, good-for-nothing brother. His name was expunged from the official rolls long ago and everyone calls him null.”
  • XHTML-CSS Validator – A quick, comprehesive XHTML + CSS validator.
  • Ctrl-Shift-B: Interactive Application Architecture Patterns – “This article presents an introduction, overview, and comparison of three similar interactive application architecture patterns: the Model-View-Controller, Model-View-Presenter, and Presentation-Abstraction-Control pattern.”
  • Overcoming Bias: Artificial Addition – A really good article on AI: “Suppose that human beings had absolutely no idea how they performed arithmetic. Imagine that human beings had evolved, rather than having learned, the ability to count sheep and add sheep.”
  • Advogato: Blog for ingvar – The “bus number” for a project “is the number of key people that need to be hit by a bus to make the project grind to a halt.”
  • The Programmer Dress Code – I already dress as a slob and have horrible hair, so I guess I only need to grow a beard…