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Standard XMP data from Corel AfterShot Pro

TL;DR: is a Python script to extract standard XMP data from Corel AfterShot Pro XMP files.

For a few years now I’ve used Corel AfterShot Pro for RAW processing and image management. It’s simple to use, powerful enough for me, has a great image cataloging system and it runs natively on Linux. But support for it has been lagging recently: No updates, no new cameras support, not much public communication from the development team…

Lately I’ve been looking into alternatives, specially open source ones like darktable. But my problem is that I have done a lot of tagging and cataloging, and all that would be lost if I just switched over. AFP does have a function to save a standard XMP file, but that has to be manually triggered for each photo and, even worse, it saves it with a filename that darktable doesn’t recognize, to say nothing of the mess of keeping two XMP files for each image.

So I’ve developed a Python script that can extract standard XMP data from the AFP XMP file and either embed it into the file or put it in a new file. You can get it at, here’s the usage help:

‘Extending the Hildon desktop’ at the Maemo Summit 2009

I’ll be hosting a BoF session on extending Maemo 5’s new desktop at the Maemo Summit 2009 in Amsterdam next weekend. It’ll be held in the 770 room on Sunday at 12:00.

Here are some documentation pointers for Hildon desktop extenders:

In preparation for the event, I’d love to hear from people interested in the Hildon desktop, and specially from people developing home and status menu widgets.

Updated: The final Maemo 5 SDK has been released, I’ve changed the libhildondesktop link to the newest version. bookmarks for January 26th, 2009 through March 23rd, 2009 bookmarks for January 2nd, 2009 through January 20th, 2009